Monday, September 2, 2013

A Year Ago

With the arrival of September, comes the realization that our little bundle will be turning one this month.  It just doesn't seem possible.  It seems so cliché to say, but it's true that they grow up so fast!  If you stop to think about it, the first year of life is really crazy.  I mean we go from little baby blobs that don't do a whole lot to little people that can walk (albeit in a drunken-sailor-type fashion), eat (also a bit like a drunken sailor), and even talk (hmmm, also kind of like a drunken sailor).  It's frankly amazing and it's been so much fun watching our bundle grow into a little toddler.

So all of this growing got me thinking about where we were just a year ago.  Boy was life different.  I was HUGE.  Seriously, I was a boat (not a drunken sailer, thank goodness), barely able to get around without running into something with my gi-normous belly.  It was super hot outside with multiple days in the upper 90's and I was sweating profusely...even when I was sitting in the air conditioning.  And I was so uncomfortable and just READY to have my little bundle.

This time last year I was wondering what giving birth would be like...would it hurt? (Um, yes, it did)  Would I be one of those crazy women screaming at their husbands (no, for the most part I was pretty good, in fact, I was even cracking jokes).  Would I be like the 0.5% of people that gets paralyzed from having an epidural (I don't know the exact statistic there, but I am sure it's even less than that...and yes, I was worried about that, and no, I am no paralyzed after my epidural).  I was excited and nervous, but I felt ready.

I was looking forward to meeting my little miracle.  Seeing what her little face looked like.  Wondering what characteristics she had of mine and which she had from her daddy.  It was all so new and fun to think about.

Yes, it's amazing how things have changed in just a year.  We are now a party of three and I couldn't be any happier!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Wonder of it All

Today I did something that I haven't done in awhile...or maybe ever.  As I was sitting across from my little bundle feeding her breakfast, I stopped and really looked at her.  Not just my usual glance or gaze...I straight up stared at her.  For the first time, I really felt like I saw her.  I know that sounds super weird, I mean heck, I look at her everyday!  But this time was different...

It took my breath away.  I saw the light in her eyes which seemed to speak volumes.  They were eyes of joy and curiosity...a glimpse into her little mind and soul.  In that moment I realized that this little creature would soon become a walking and talking little girl and woman.  Now you see why it took my breath away!!!  For months I have been so focused on baby-dom that I haven't even thought about the fact that she will one day be an adult.  Oh my, it seems impossible.

I will try my best to remember to enjoy this special time in our lives.  And enjoy gazing at her precious face and startling brilliant blue eyes.  I will take each moment as a gift as I know that it's only a matter of time until she's asking to borrow the car keys...

Sunday, July 21, 2013


As you know, I have been introducing new foods to our little bundle and boy has she surprised me with what she likes..lentils, black beans and broccoli???  Yup, it's true she actually likes those things.  I didn't even have to bribe her...she just ate them...that's my girl!

I have been one of those super-crazy moms about what I have been feeding her.  Yes, I am one of those nutty women who makes sure that whatever goes in my daughter's mouth is organic, has been allowed to graze in open pastures, is free of chemicals and dyes and is the most pure source of nutrition possible.  (I know, it's completely ridiculous!)  But, for some reason, this makes me feel like a good mom.  (Geez!)

So, you can only guess my reaction when my pediatrician suggested trying Cheerios for my new now hands-on eater.  What?  Cheerios?  Oh no...NOT my baby.  That is wayyyyy too processed for her precious little body.  Ridiculous...really, I know...I feel stupid just writing it.  Anyway, after some computer research...oh my gosh, get off my back, of course I researched this...I decided to wait.  Instead, I bought organic kamut puffs....yes I did and she likes them!

But, for some reason Cheerios just kept popping in my head.  I mean how many times have I seen a kid noshing on Cheerios with glee in his eyes?  More than I can count.  For crying out loud, I LOVED Cheerios when I was a kid.  So, I did it everyone...I bought Cheerios and not even the organic version they sell at Whole Foods.  Nope, 100% Cheerios and you know what...she LOVES them...just as I thought.

So here's to you Cheerios!  May you continue to bring joy into young little teething tots around the world!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Floating Bundle

The bundle can float!  That's right folks, the bundle is officially a little goldfish!  After much hesitation and contemplation, the husband and I finally agreed to introduce the bundle to the great world of swimming.

I know, some of you may be thinking, "wow, isn't she a little young for that?"  Don't think I haven't heard the judgement in your voices, but I am ignoring you.  Why?  Well, simply because I know my baby better than you.  Not to be rude or's just the truth. She absolutely loves bath time and I went with my gut and enrolled her in a swim class.

"Are you serious?"  Yes, I am serious.  In fact, she had her first lesson yesterday.  I basically just tossed her in the pool and hoped for the best.  What!?????  Holy cow, you guys need to relax, I am just kidding.  Seriously though, it is a parent and baby class.  So, the parents are holding onto the babies the whole time while an instructor leads the little exercises.

We got there nice and early and I figured the experience could go down in two possible ways.  The first, more desirable way being that she loves it and can't get enough.  The second, less desirable way would be that she hates it and screams bloody murder until I remove her from the pool.  I crossed my fingers.

You're dying to know what happens, right?  Well, let's just say the bundle LOVED it!  Oh my, it was like she had been waiting her whole short life for the experience.  She floated, she kicked, she paddled and giggled.  It was a blast for both of us.  After a 30 minute power session, she was beat, and so was I.  Good thing bedtime was a few short hours away!

I am glad I took her and I have a feeling she was pretty happy about it too.  Here's to more swim sessions with my little goldfish!

While You Were Sleeping

Nope, I am not referring to the cute little Sandra Bullock indeed.  In fact, I am actually talking about what I managed to accomplish while my little bundle of joy was napping.  Yes, I said it, napping!  Yes, as a side note, the little bundle has sort of officially fallen into a nice little nap schedule!  Hooray!  Good job bundle!  So now I have a bout 2 hours each day to get some things done around the house.

For some reason, I was especially proud of what I accomplished the other day.  So, while the bundle was sleeping, here was what I managed to no certain order...because there is no such thing as order in my life anymore...I digress....I present the list!

1. Made cookie dough and baked off one batch of cookies.
2. Made most of dinner...including quinoa tabbouleh salad and marinated chicken breasts.
3. Did two loads of laundry (ok, some of this was accomplished when the bundle was awake, but give me some credit!).
4. Made the bed (yes, that is an accomplishment).
5. Cleaned the bathroom and tub (super accomplishment as this is the task I hate the most).
6. Did some jobby-job work...the kind I actually get paid for.

Whoo hoo!  Looking at that list makes me proud even today.  I will go ahead and pat myself on the back.  Here's to more accomplishments and bundle naps!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Is that a bruise?

Worried.  I think this feeling will follow me for the rest of my days now that I am a parent.  It really escalated the moment I became pregnant and it has, unfortunately, gotten worse.  No wonder I noticed my first grey hair a month ago!

Case in point.  I had just gone to get the bundle out of her crib from a nap when I noticed something on her arm.  "Oh couldn't be!!!  Is that bruise?"  Then, "I am a horrible parent, how could she have gotten a bruise in her crib?" Then, "Did she do it before her nap and I didn't notice?"  Worried thoughts were creeping up in my mind and then...guilt...and then complete irrational behavior.

I swooped up my little one and gave her a bunch of kisses, apologizing for the fact that her horrible mommy somehow let her get a bruise.  Let's just say she didn't seem phased in the least. tears, no crying at all...just her normal smilely self.  Well, I just couldn't let it, I called my mom.  See, what I mean?  Totally irrational!  Like I didn't know how to treat a bruise (um, you can't really)...but, I guess I just wanted verification.

My mom was very supportive and didn't make me feel like the total crazy new mom that I was.  She told me not to worry (yeah right) and that if the little bundle didn't seem to be hurt, then don't worry about it...there would be many more bruises to come.  Indeed, thanks Mom...I know you speak from experience.

Well, the best part of this story is that the mark on my daughter's arm...after some inspection...was not a was a hickey that she had given herself!  Yup, she has gotten into the habit of sometimes sucking on her there you go...all of that worrying and she did it to herself.

God bless motherhood!  Time for me to worry about something else now...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pearly Whites

It finally happened!  No, the bundle didn't potty train herself, say her first real word, take her first step or dress herself...not yet at least.  Nope, she got her first set of pearly white teeth.  Ironically, neither the husband or myself even noticed at first.

Here's how it went down a few days ago.  Well, first let me set the scene...the day before we discovered those teeth, the husband noticed some scratches on the bundle's sippy cup.  Like idiots, we both asked, "where did those come from?", observant parents, huh?

The next day (or maybe it was later that day?  I don't remember anything these days...but I digress), the husband was sitting on the couch holding the little bundle.  She grabbed his hand, and like everything else these days, she shoved it in her mouth.  I heard the husband call out to me and I, in my "I-am-busy-in-the-kitchen-getting-dinner-ready-mode" respond with a short, "What!?"  He says, "I think the bundle has teeth!"

Well, you would've thought he said that he had found gold in our daughter's mouth with the way I responded.  I dropped what I was doing and rushed over...with I am sure, the dumbest, biggest smile on my face.  Of course I reached right in her mouth (my hands were clean I promise!) and there they were!  Two little tooth nubbins on the bottom of her mouth.  So freakin' cute!!!

I am still not 100% sure why I got so excited about those teeth.  Maybe it's because my dad is a dentist or maybe because that means she's getting closer and closer to enjoying some of the recipes I've been tearing out of Bon Appetit or Food and Wine Magazine.  Whatever the reason, they are adorable and even though they are driving her (and me) crazy, they are the next big milestone for our little bundle.  Time sure does fly.
Now move over baby oat cereal...teething biscuits here we come!